High esteemed Nobel Prize Committee;


Thank you very much for opening the doors to our team and the interesting interview for the documentary film about Nikola Tesla »Teslafy Me«.

We also appreciated very much the warm welcome and that you explained to us why Nikola Tesla never got a Nobel Prize. As it can be seen from the archives, he was nominated only once and this was in 1937. According to the archives, it was argued that his work, at that time, had already been too old.

So, it happened only after Nikola Tesla´s death that the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared that it had been Nikola Tesla who had first experimented and made patents on wireless telegraphy. Yet Guglielmo Marconi and Karl Ferdinand Braun got the Nobel Prize in 1909 for their alleged contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy, an invention that, in fact, Marconi took mostly from Tesla’s patents and experiments.

No one until now corrected this evident mistake or apologized to Nikola Tesla or the public.

That is the reason why we are referring to you with this letter. Nikola Tesla´s achievements were not only fundamental in wireless telegraphy, but, as it was constituted in the nomination of 1937, his discoveries were also basic for the work on high frequency and rotating magnetic fields. For the last 100 years we have been using AC throughout the whole world. Tesla’s discoveries, inventions and patents are in daily use and allow our civilization to use electricity and communicate the way we do so widely today.

Alfred Nobel’s will was that prizes should go to those who, during the preceding year, had conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.

There is nothing said, however, what should happen if the prize goes to the wrong hands, or what to do if someone did not only in one year of his work and discoveries benefit mankind but had done so almost every year of his life. Tesla´s achievements are so far reaching and essential that we simply could not imagine our lives without the benefits he provided to mankind. Yet he remains without the Nobel Prize until today.

This is the reason, why I allow myself to stand up in the name of all the users of Tesla´s beneficial achievements and kindly ask the Nobel Prize Committee to make an effort to correct the mistake of the past, through which the Nobel Prize was given to Guglielmo Marconi, and instead to honor Nikola Tesla with the Nobel Prize in 2016, the year of his 160th birthday.

Nikola Tesla’s nephew, William Terbo, who dedicated his whole life presenting Nikola Tesla’s name, could receive the Nobel Prize in his name. I know that the personal hardships that Tesla had to suffer cannot be unmade by this, but it can well change the future meaning of his name to mankind so that every child will know what were his achievements and will be eager to learn more about him and his way of thinking and exploring nature.

Nikola Tesla understood already a hundred years ago what could help mankind today, where we are so desperately suffering from climate and energy problems and so many more evils linked with it. I am deeply convinced, it is time to stop overlooking one of the most groundbreaking scientists whose systems of producing power are still used unchanged for the last 100 years.

Please understand, we do not ask for the money prize at all, but we are hoping for the prize as an honorable act to correct a past mistake. Therefore, why not finally give Nikola Tesla the recognition he deserves so much by awarding him the most prestigious prize in physics – the Nobel Prize?

I am hoping this letter will find you in a good will to bravely consider a historic correction that can make an important difference for scientific thinking and thus for mankind as a whole in the future.


Sincerely yours,

Initiators of “Teslafy Me” documentary


Written by

Mag. Janja Glogovac

Walter Krejci MBA