This feature documentary will be different from all of the previous documentaries about Nikola Tesla, because we are not doing a conspiracy story. In our documentary movie the red line is following ups and downs of personal life of the inventor Nikola Tesla to come to the discoveries and understanding of his inventions. We based our movie on understanding the dream of Nikola Tesla through his patents and also experiments on his patents that scientists are still doing..

We are not trying to built Wardenclyffe tower, but we are trying to understand why it was demolished? There are questions that we are trying to get answer in our movie and those are: How can we build all of his patents into one functional system of working? Is there possibility for clean and healthy environment by using more of his patents? Did our planet change because of the wireless – mobile frequencies? How can we go with technology and nature hand in hand and not destroying the Nature? Does aether exists and is it really the most important component of Tesla’s patents to bring his inventions in function? And why he did not believe that the theory of relativity is correct theory?

We are going to show the type of the world Nikola Tesla lived in through the archive footage and animation. Interviews with scientist, who understand his discoveries and inventions and give us explanation through different scientific points of view, are very important for the story. A lot of different world known artists will also give their view about Nikola Tesla and his inventions. In this movie the archive shots are very important as well as his hand written fragments that he left behind. The movie was shot in New York, Long Island, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Belgrade, Budapest, Prague, Maribor, Zagreb, Lika…

Different people from all the fields of education will share with us their thoughts about geniuses of 21 century as well as giving us their vision about Tesla’s dream for the future.

Nikola Tesla spent his whole life making this world a better place for us to live in. In respect to inventor Nikola Tesla we are making this movie.

Nikola Tesla said: “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments.

                                  The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”